Salt Lake Retina



Sophisticated Retina Care Technology

Here at Salt Lake Retina we have the most sophisticated ophthalmic diagnostic and treatment technology available. Our practice provides state-of-the art optical coherence tomography (high definition OCT), dynamic fundus photography (ultra widefield), fluorescein angiography (ultra widefield), ophthalmic ultrasound, photodynamic laser treatment, visual field testing, indocyanine green angiography (ultra widefield) and a wide variety of lasers for the treatment of retina-related eye diseases.

This technology will ensure that during your visit here at Salt Lake Retina you will receive the very best medical and surgical care for your specific eye disorder.

Furthermore, our highly integrated medical record and office management software allows for seamless communication, and provides our physicians and staff the ability to keep a precise record of your current and previous visits, diagnostic testing, workup and treatments, so you can feel confident in every aspect of your eye-related care.