Salt Lake Retina

Laser Floater Removal

Virtually every individual has experienced or will experience the visual shadows caused by vitreous strands and opacities, commonly referred to as “floaters”, during their lifetime. For most, this event is a minor and short-lived inconvenience, but for some it can become a disabling condition.

Laser floater removal is a simple, outpatient-based procedure, which involves the use of a nano-pulsed ophthalmic YAG laser to vaporize vitreous strands and opacities. Highly effective, it has a low complication rate and offers a high degree of patient satisfaction. It can also delay or obviate the need for surgery. Watch this animation to see how quickly – and easily – laser floater removal can be used to vaporize floaters.

Salt Lake Retina is the first Retina Surgeon practice in northern Utah to offer this, in office, minimally invasive, procedure to treat floaters. If you have floaters that are interfering with your lifestyle call for an evaluation. 

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