Salt Lake Retina

Patient Visit

Patient Visit

Your Visit to Salt Lake Retina

We look forward to your visit here at Salt Lake Retina. It is our goal to help you feel comfortable and confident with every aspect of the care you will receive in our clinic. We will do all we can to expedite your evaluation, treat you with professional courtesy and compassion. We want you to feel a part of our team and encourage you to share any feedback that would improve your care with us.

Your visit with us will be divided into 4 important stages:

  • Check-in with the front desk staff
  • Initial evaluation and diagnostics
  • Evaluation/treatment with our physicians
  • Check-out and scheduling follow up at the front desk
Stage 1
Check-in with the front desk staff

Be sure to have the following available when you check-in:

  1. Photo ID (Driver’s License, Passport, or other Government ID)
  2. Insurance Cards
  3. Your co-payment

You will have important background paperwork to fill out during your initial visit to include medical and surgical history, medications, and contact information. Expedite this process by printing and filling out the paperwork prior to your arrival.

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Stage 2
Initial Evaluation and Diagnostics
  • Please plan on your initial evaluation being at least an hour long due to the need for baseline and foundation paperwork and diagnostic evaluations.
  • Please make appropriate plans for having both of your eyes dilated during your initial evaluation and at least one eye dilated during subsequent visits. Consider having a family member or friend accompany you during your visit as needed. The dilation will last for a few hours, although this time may vary in some patients. The dilation may impair your ability to drive.
  • Please be prepared to provide important information you may have received from your referring physician in regard to your current condition.
  • Please plan on having a very thorough examination of your eye to include vision, eye pressure, full eye exam and different types of diagnostic pictures taken.
  • If you have been scheduled for retinal imaging your time in the office could exceed 2 hours.
Stage 3
Evaluation/Treatment with our Physicians
  • This time will be the heart of your visit. Our physicians will devote their energy, expertise, and full resources to provide you with the very best medical and surgical care of your eyes.
  • Please recognize the nature of subspecialty retinal care is unpredictable sometimes requiring medical and surgical triage of vision-threatening emergencies and wait times for retinal care are on average longer than other subspecialty clinics.
  • Many retinal disorders are treated with in-office procedures at the time of your visit. If such a procedure is necessary for your treatment and care, please expect extra time will be needed during your visit to complete the procedure.
Stage 4
Check-out and Scheduling Follow Up at the Front Desk

Before departure, please be sure to do the following:

  1. Set up your follow up appointment with the front desk staff.
  2. Verify that all of your background and insurance information has been completed.
  3. Make sure that you have with you any newly prescribed eye medications or lab work as directed by our physicians.

If you have any questions, call us any time at 801.260.0034